Thanks for the Support

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Thank you for everyone who came out to support us yesterday. And thank you again to FOX for covering the story.


Top ten reasons this is our “Third Place”

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1. For the last nine years it has been a meeting place for neighbors, professionals, artists, musicians, authors, parents, politicians, doctors, engineers, architects, writers, news reporters, freelancers, baristas, tattoo artists, students, realtors, and many many more.
2. Everyone knows your name, not just the baristas.
3. Parents bring their children and use art supplies from the art closet for a sanity break.
4. Neighborhood residents walk here often with their dogs.
5. Local artists hang their art here.
6.  Authors work on their novels and books at this store.
7. Our baristas not only make great coffee but take a personal interest in our lives.
8. Free advice on business, strategy, marketing, sales, tech support, relationships and any thing else you need help on.
9.  Discuss current events with your friends.
11. It’s a social gathering place that’s not a bar. 


A few of our notable regulars at this store.

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• Chris Vognar and Thor Christensen, reporters for Dallas Morning News

• Alexa Conomos, Mike Castilucci, and Shelly Slater, news reporters for WFAA Channel 8 News 

• Ron Kirk, former mayor of Dallas

• Jimbo Wallace, bassist for the nationally acclaimed band, Reverend Horton Heat

• Brendon McNally, author of the novel, Germania (Simon and Schuster, Sept

• Elizabeth Marshall, author of The Contrarian Effect (John Wiley and Sons,
Sept 08) 

• Jeff Crilley, former reporter for FOX News and author of Free Publicity

•  Jennifer Wallace, nationally recognized graphic designer and 
co-owner of Hip On Sunset a children’s clothing line.

• Jay Newman, CEO and President of Better Businsess Bureau of Dallas

And many other local artists, musicians and authors.

Our first round of letters to Howard Schultz, CEO are being sent today.

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We would like to thank the 70+ patrons who wrote letters to Howard Schultz in the past week. Some of your stories are so touching, and we truly think that they all represent the community we have at Starbucks Store #6262.

Help save the Greenville Avenue Starbucks Store #6262!

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Hi Gang,

We now have an organized plan of action to Save Our Starbucks.  Here’s what I am asking each one of you to do:

1) Write a letter to Howard Schultz, CEO

In that letter please talk about the fact that the store is indeed profitable (profitability has been up each of the last two years, according to Alicia, one of the baristas).  Also, please appeal to Howard’s mission to “get back to the original purpose and mission of Starbucks” and explain why our Starbucks is the embodiment of that mission and vision.

It certainly helps if you want to mention how long you’ve been a regular at our location and what it means to you and what it’s done for your business-wise.

2) Sign the Online Petition

Go to this website and sign your name to the petition:

3) Spread the Word!